Trying to transfer to iPhone

I’m trying to link my accounts please hang with me.
Doctors today for pain management . Will explain………………………………………….


Much harder then I thought

Trying to get this together from web to iPhone. I have to see pain management today. Always fun. I will have to explain why I go and what happens.
Tomorrow Dr appt with my lung doctor and Thursday back for more test results.

Very First Blog

michelemutchler on November 14, 2011 at 11:39 PM said: Edit
I have never read a blog nor wrote one,so hang in there while I take a leap. No, not a leak. Although that happens when I would rather it didn’t.
Notice that I didn’t say a “leap of faith”? That would be because I don’t know where I stand with faith, God or religion.
I always thought I would write a book about all the crazy and down right funny,things my kids did growing up. Now, I don’t know if there is time for that. This has all started when I went to the E.R for major pain. My leg had swollen so big I couldn’t get pants on. I had to go in my pajamas.
I figured it was another blood clot. You can’t appreciate blood thinners until you have to take them. But no clot. In what, all I can describe, had to be what Dorothy felt when the house was spinning in the air, minutes I was taken out of my room by a many people I didn’t even know yet and brought to the ICU. I wasn’t really told what was going on. All I was thinking is I hurt but dang, not that much. I surely didn’t need all these machines around and a nurse just for me!
There was talk of blood gas levels being so low and a nurse came in to say if these levels didn’t go up I was going to be intubated and let me tell you, I knew what that meant, I watch television. Although it would of been cool if Dr House walked in. But even then it was such a crazy thought.
I remember asking the nurse if that was what I thought it was. Were they really going to stick a tube down my throat? She was kind enough to tell me, “don’t worry, we induce you into a coma first, you won’t feel a thing”. She smiled looked up at the machine, shook her head and left the room.
I’m 46 years old and have had more surgeries then I can even remember sometimes. You know that little space you fill in when you go to the Doctor, that says “Please list all surgeries and the date here”. I need another paper or have to put ” see back”.
Well, more later. I need my beauty sleep.

About Me

About Me- short version
I am 46 years old. I have 9 children. There are 5 boys and 4 girls. I was married for 13+ years. Had a great amount of faith. Long story short but I will fill in the blanks as I go. No twins.
I have Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension . It’s a little rare. I will have to add what that means. For me it means 1-3 to stay alive. It still hasn’t really became a reality in my thinking process. So this blog is going to be about my past,present and I will blog to my future.